Role we play for your PCB assembly (Electronic assembly) project


The development of highly integrated brings several benefits for PCB Assembly market. But on the other hand, these would bring additional challenges to the PCB Assembly production process. Therefore, developing an effective plan for designing, developing, testing and producing the final PCBs is a good topic.


Lack of communication between PCB designers and PCB fabricators is one of the most significant issues we have faced in PCB Assembly industry. Customer, PCB Assembly Material Suppliers and PCB Assembly Manufacturer all have diverse needs and being able to communicate effectively with each group is paramount. Sometimes, PCB Assembly manufacturers lack the understanding of PCB design guidelines and some designers don’t agree with the manufacturing processes and capabilities of a PCB Assembly manufacturer. That’s why PCB designers and PCB Assembly manufacturers need to communicate. Therefore, we need to open up channels of communication.


There’s a right and wrong way to approach Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and PCB Assembly. But the only one way to seize our market opportunity is to know when the speed bumps are before we begin. Poor communication can slow down your PCB Assembly and cost you a missed business opportunity


Over the years, we’ve learned many about PCB Assembly. We’ve learned how to take a very complex process and do it right and fast. To avoid Time to Market speed bumps with your PCB design and PCB Assembly right from the start, here are some of the fundamentals adhered to over the years


Effy Deal Global, we provide quality total solution to customer’s PCB Assembly. We have long-term business relationships with PCB Assembly manufacturer. We also focus on quality control, includes obtaining ISO certificate, perform in house inspection for all incoming products, and set up our own inspectors and auditors work in PCB Assembly line every day.


We are the good communication bridge between our client and our PCB Assembly manufacturer. We integrate and coordinate all the PCB Assembly materials and services needed. We would like to be our customer’s reliable strategy partner and takes care of all the work regarding to PCB Assembly. Enabling our customers to focus on optimize their PCB Assembly product development, design and marketing. The PCB Assembly one stop shop turn design into real products.


To make sure we provide efficient, flexible and quality work for our customer's PCB Assembly projects, we set up ERP system from 2007. IN 2015, and spent another 6 months to install and concert to a more advanced ERP system. This allows us to manage all the materials and handle more PCB Assembly orders in the same time and in a more efficient and accurate way.


Effy Deal Global we also set up our own warehouse with temperature and humidity controlled 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This enables us to make sure all the materials and components for client's PCB Assembly projects are in a perfect stocking environment. We believe without good material and components, even with best production facility, it won’t be possible to produce quality PCB Assembly products.