Our Story

From 2003

Effy Deal Global was founded in 2003, started as a PCB broker here in Taiwan provided PCB solutions to meet customer’s different needs, from single layer to 32 layers, from 1 piece to volume production, and from quick turn to standard lead time.


From 2005, we received more and more from our customers, globally, looked for a reliable single window that helps them to manage all the materials and productions needed for their PCB electronics assembly projects.

Efficient Way

We then spent years of time to find and set up network with reliable sources of electronics component globally and with varied production lines locally nearby us. These production lines include PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, cable assembly, and mechanical part fabrication. With these set up, it enables us to integrate and coordinate materials and productions in an efficient way for our customers.

The Future

Now, Effy Deal Global Co., Ltd is one of the most efficient PCB assembly and electronic OEM service provider in Taiwan. With stable growth and demand from customers, in 2014, we decided to invest 8 million US dollars to purchase our own land and build our own building. In 2017, we moved into the new building, which is approx. 40,000 square feet floor area.

Our Mission

With the complete domestic and global supply and production network that Effy Deal Global has developed which including PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, metal and plastic parts fabrication, cable assembly and electronic components distribution channel, our mission is to integrate all these production and material resources and manage them here is Taiwan to become customer’s strategy PCB assembly partner who provides efficient, flexible, and quality total solution to customer’s PCB assembly projects.

Efficiency, Flexibility and Quality


With the integration of varied production lines and resources channel, Effy Deal Global is now providing total solution for customer’s PCB assembly projects. This will allow our customers to allocate their resource more efficiently by focusing on their main and core activity such as R&D or marketing.


We know in different stage of each project, customer need different kind of support. In the early stage, sample run and quick turn for maybe few pieces of sample is needed. In production stage, customer may need either turnkey solution or they may want to provide all or some of the components. Hence, to be flexible is necessary so that customers can allocate their resources in best way.


To make sure we provide efficient, flexible and quality work for your electronic assembly projects, we set up ERP system from 2007. IN 2015, we spent another 6 months to install and concert to a more advanced ERP system. This allows us to manage all the materials and handle more electronic assembly orders in the same time and in a more efficient and accurate way.

We also set up our own warehouse with temperature and humidity controlled 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This enables us to make sure all the materials and components for your PCB assembly projects are in a perfect stocking environment. We believe without good material and components, even with best production facility, it won’t be possible to produce quality PCB assembly products.

Except ERP system and inventory management system, we also work closely with our PCB assembly production line. Being their most important customer, Effy Deal Global occupying more than 95% of their production capacity, we keep working together to pursuit better efficiency, flexibility and quality. Effy Deal Global not only has auditor audits the PCB assembly line in monthly basis, we also have our QC team stay with the PCB assembly line every day to do final inspection. All the products have to pass our QC team before shipped to Effy Deal Global.

Our Value and advantage

We not only integrate and coordinate all the materials and services needed to turn your design into real products, we also focus on quality control, includes obtaining ISO certificate, perform in house inspection for all incoming products, and set up our own inspectors and auditors work in electronic assembly line every day. All of these are only for one goal----Effy Deal Global need to be your reliable strategy partner who takes care of all the work regarding to electronic assembly. This will then allows customers to focus your effort in core activities such as R&D and marketing. With this strategy cooperation between customers and Effy Deal Global, we can generate positive, efficient and profitable cycle, again and again, and this is our value and advantage.

Mile Stone


Founded in May 2003 by Mr. Brandon Lin


Extend business activity from PCB to PCB Assembly.


Install ERP system for work-flow management.


Number of active customers over 20.


Started to provide mechanical part for customer.


Moved to previous office which is a 9000 sq ft area enabled the growth and expansion of Effy Deal Global.


Occupied over 50% production capacity of our strategic assembly factory and being their most important customer.


Number of active customer over 40.


Bought 15000sq ft land for new building.


Received ISO 9001: 2008 certificate.


Change to whole new ERP system for better work-flow management.


Complete the design of new Effy Deal building and start the construction.


Completed the construction of new Effy Deal building at the end of June 2016. Floor area is 40000 sq ft.


Move into new Effy Deal Global building


Receive ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.


Obtained D&B (dun & bradstreet) TOP 1000 Elite SME Award.


Started to develop customized quotation software and project completed in July 2021.


Sign contract with authorized distributor of Trend Micro to have them as our info security consultant company.


Been approved and started the production for Industrial Technology Research Institute, a 100% Government owned institution.


Transfer ERP system to Digi Win.


EFFYDEAL GLOBAL CO., Ltd. is taking and will take due diligence within our supply chain to assure “DRC Conflict-Free” for the Minerals of gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), cobalt (Co) and tin (Sn) are not derived from or sourced from mines in conflict areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), or illegally taxed on trade routes, either of which are controlled by non-governmental military groups, or unlawful military factions. Trade routes not confirmed to be “Conflict Free” include direct exports from the DRC, as well as exports through Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya (countries of whom the U.N. Security Council note are global export routes for DRC-mined minerals).

EFFYDEAL GLOBAL CO., Ltd. hereby formulated this Conflict Minerals Policy and makes following commitments :
  • Not to purchase conflict minerals from mines in the Conflict Regions.
  • Request its suppliers to notify their upstream/downstream suppliers to follow Minerals Conflict-Free requirements.
  • Continuing our industry leadership and our efforts to source conflict-free minerals from the DRC where possible and agree to compliance with Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC).

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