With the UL, ISO and QS certificated facilities in Taiwan, we can take 1 piece bare PCB quick turn job to high volume orders from you, from single side to 30 layers.

Nothing too small and no problem too big

To us, there is nothing called small order. We understand that quite often the speed and the accuracy of the PCB prototype is the key of how far you are ahead from others and how fast your products could be on the shelf in the market place. This is why we always take care of your prototype job the way just like we take care of the volume production.

In many cases, we work with customers to save their PCB tooling (NRE) cost if we know it could turn into production. We also provide our consultation to our customers if required to make the volume production built in most efficient way in term of time and money cost.

For your standard 2-10 Layers quick turn printed circuit board or prototype jobs, get to door price immediately from our on line PCB prototype price matrix table. The price you see is the price you are going to pay and shipping to your door is included. No extra charge, no hidden fee.

Process Capability

Laminate Material

Base Material FR-4 TG135, TG150, TG170
Rogers 3, 4 and 5 series
Nelco 4000-13
Alμminμm - 2L
BT Material
Material Thickness 3~240 mil (0.076mm ~ 6mm)
Min. board Thickness 4mil. (0.1mm) - 2L
14mils (0.4mm) - 4L
24mils (0.6mm) - 6L
Max. / Min. Layer 1 ~ 20L - Mass-Pro.
22 ~ 26 L - Samples
Cu. Thickness 0.3 ~ 10 Oz - Mass-Pro.

Pattern Design

Min. Line-width 3 mils ( 0.076 mm ) -Mass-Production.
Min Spacing 3mils (0.076mm) - Mass-Production
Image Distortion (+/- 20%)
Gold Thickness Range 3~50μ"
Open / Short YES
Bow & Twist 0.75%

Solder mask

Type Available Taiyo, Tamura, Onstatic
Green, Black, Blue, Red, White, Purple, Clear
Solder mask Registration tol. +/-3 mil
Min.Width S/M Bridge 4 mil

Peelable Mask

PeelableMask Type Peters SD2955, SD2954,SD2952
PeelableMask Thickness 200μm


Routing +/- 0.005"
Feature to Hole +/- 4 mil
Hole to Hole +/-3 mil
Punching +/- 4 mil


V-grove Depth +/-10%
Min. Unit / Panel size 100 mm
Min. Unit / Panel thick. 3.2 mm

Surface Treatment

HASL Thickness Range 80~1000 μm
Entek Thickness Range 0.2~0.3 μm
Electroless Nickel Thickness 100~200 μ"
Electroless Gold Thickness 2~10μ" Max
Wire Bonding Gold Thickness 5~10μ"Max
Lead Free HASL 80~1000 μm
Immersion Silver 6 ~12 μ"
Immersion Tin 30~40 μ"(Include copper)
15~20 μ"(Tin only)
Flux Thickness Range none
Carbon Print Thickness per resistor request
Carbon Print Res. per request


Min. Final Hole Size 6 mils ( 0.15 mm ) - Mechnical
Size 4 mils ( 0.1 mm ) -Laser Drill
Hole size tol. PTH ±3 mil (+/-2mil for Press Fit )
NPTH ±2 mil
Hole location tol. +/-3 mil
Layer to layer +/-3 mil
Registration tol.
Fiducial Mark Tolerance +/-20%
Board flatness Tolerance 0.75%

Special Requirement

Epoxy In Holes
Vias In pad
Blind/Buried Vias


3 mils trace, 3 time lamination, 2 laser drill

Blind and burried via, edge plated,

Color in black

color in red

color in white

Impendance control, epoxy filled via

Thick board with 6 mils via

Hard gold plate